Contact Me

Hello beauties!

I love to chat and make new friends, so don't ever feel like I'm just a screen! I'm happy to answer questions or do requests. Any new ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

So if you want to contact me...
Email I'm always checking my email address at and this email is also linked to my phone so I can check emails whenever I can! I am happy to chat with fellow bloggers and readers, as I believe it's also about making friends as well as blogging. I'm also happy to work with PR companies, so if you have any queries/questions, please feel free to email me.

Bloglovin' I have a Bloglovin' account, which you can subscribe to here! I also have a Bloglovin' button on my page too, I'll try to follow back!

Instagram @runzhi_

Twitter @runzhi_etc

Thank you for reading guys, I hope to personally know as many of you regular readers as I can!


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